Joshua (Mindfulness Amsterdam Oost) 

"I really liked that the training was not woolly. It contained concrete examples and actions. It is not like 'Sit for a while and all your problems will be resolved'. The purpose of the different exercises was well explained. I experienced the contact with Marleen as very nice, she radiates calmness and warmth and seems to have infinite patience. In addition, Marleen was easily reachable outside of the training and responded quickly to questions. Despite the fact that we followed a group training, there was plenty of room for individual attention. I notice that I am currently more present in the moment, that I deal with difficult issues more often right away instead of putting them off and my partner experiences me as calmer, clearer and more concise. Truly a win-win."

Daphne (Mindfulness Amsterdam West)

"During the trainings Zohair knows how to build a safe and familiar atmosphere in a group of people who don't know each other in a short time. Zohair's commitment, humor, calmness and non-judgmental attitude made me feel immediately welcome and at ease. The peace and quiet created each week in the busy Amsterdam life was very pleasant. In 8 weeks a good and broad foundation was laid to apply mindfulness in daily life. The workbook is also very valuable which contains beautiful poems in addition to the theory and exercises covered. Following this mindfulness training is really a gift for yourself (and your environment ) and I would recommend it to everyone!"


Peter (Mindfulness Amsterdam Oost) 

"I got to know Saskia as an experienced, pleasant and mindful coach, in which she has been able to make a difference for me through well-founded theory and a variety of exercises in the way I look at certain issues (business and private) and how to respond to them from mindfulness. I apply the tips provided daily in my practice."


Simone (Mindfulness Amsterdam Oost) 

 “Marleen has a lot of knowledge and expertise, which you notice immediately. She knows how to create a warm and safe atmosphere, which affected the group positively: everyone opened up quickly. This was very helpful for me to see, share and embrace my vulnerabilities, which allowed me to learn more than I expected. Currently, I am a lot milder towards myself, I notice my boundaries way better and I have been able to make some important choices in my life. I would definitely recommend this training!”


Jasmijn (Mindfulness Amsterdam West)

"This mindfulness training has especially given me a lot of peace. I started to see how busy it actually was in my head and now know what I can do about it. Zohair speaks from his own experience and is a competent teacher. He also knows how to create a safe atmosphere so that everyone knows how to find their place in the group. Highly recommended!"


Nick (Mindfulness Amstelveen)

"Abolsuut recommended for people who are looking for perspective in a busy life with a lot happening. Calm exercises and useful insights to get ahead and move forward in life by yourself. We have no choice anyway but a little help can't hurt from ZoMindful. :-)" 

 Thomas (Mindfulness Amsterdam Oost)

"In the beginning I experienced a lot of resistance, but I'm glad I persevered. For example, at first I had too much going on and I was quite stressed. Now I take more time for the things that matter and I let go more often of less important things, which creates so much space! Marleen is very kind, listens carefully and asks good follow-up questions, giving you the feeling that she really hears what you are saying. I think that many people could benefit from coaching or a mindfulness training from Marleen, because she really listens well and has a lot of knowledge and insights to help people." 

 Lara (Mindfulness Amsterdam Noord)

" I learned skills during the mindfulness course that I can apply in my daily life. Mainly in case of stress or tension. Diecke is all positivity; she is an empathetic trainer. She provided a warm and safe practice space. She was very calm and supportive, giving each participant support on his/her path of practice. In order to apply the skills learned in daily life. I wish I had started mindfulness much earlier, I would have been able to better manage stress earlier in life."


Lisa (Mindfulness Amsterdam Zuidoost)

"Sherida, conveys the material in an understandable way. The calm atmosphere is nice and there is an eye and space for the individual student during the training."  

Martine (Mindfulness Amsterdam Oost)

"The mindfulness training with Josta was an eye-opener for me. She is positive, has a nice warm voice, she is compassionate and knows how to create a safe atmosphere. She is involved, thinks along and includes your points in her explanation and guidance. Through her guidance I have gained more insight into myself and the tools she provided I apply in my life to create more peace and balance and experience the here and now more consciously."



Yvon (Mindfulness Amsterdam Noord)

"I learned in this course to take more time for myself. To listen to my body better. And I have developed a more confident feeling towards my thoughts. I feel more confident.

Diecke has a beautiful presence. She made the group feel safe and comfortable. All the questions we had she answered attentively and with sincere guidance."

Alexandra (Mindfulness Amsterdam Oost)

"I experienced Marleen as a very committed trainer with genuine interest in the participants, in me. The way she guided the exercises was very calm and pleasant, with enough space to really live the exercises trough. Marleen responded very openly and gently to things, giving me the feeling that I could not do anything wrong. What I also appreciated was the way that she shared own examples with us. In this way she was not standing above us, but she was one of us. Thank you for your loving attention!" 


Freek (Mindfulness Amsterdam West)

"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Zomindful's 8-week mindfulness training. Zohair introduces you to all facets of mindfulness in a warm, engaging and professional manner. He provides a very pleasant and safe atmosphere, and made mindfulness for me something that I take into my daily life and which makes me much more conscious and calm in life. Although mindfulness is often linked to spirituality, Zohair has a down-to-earth approach. During the training there is plenty of room to share experiences, according to your own needs. I experienced the silence morning that Zohair organizes in addition to the training as very pleasant. Highly recommended for anyone looking for more peace and self-awareness in life."


Sylvia (Mindfulness Amstelveen)

"Nice course, Martine is a very nice person. She gives good guidance and has a pleasant voice which is wonderful especially with the meditations."


 Frank (Mindfulness Amsterdam Oost) 

"Saskia is a very professional mindfulness trainer, sensed particularly well what the group needed and was able to switch quickly to this. It also provided surprising moments of interaction. After an introduction, the group went to work with exercises that all participants felt benefited in their own way." 


Fiona (Mindfulness Amsterdam West)

"Do! Start, experience and finish this training at Zomindful, where you learn how doing nothing can bring you more than you think. Something is not right, you want to do something about it. Breaking your patterns takes time, courage and patience and the guidance of Zomindful is very pleasant. Personally, I can get carried away with thinking and acting rationally, but this training has made me calmer and yet more productive, strangely enough. I now sleep better and can prioritize better, am more comfortable in my own skin and that feels good. The process is different for everyone of course, at Zohair you are definitely in good hands. 

(And there is fantastic tea!)"


Jennifer (Mindfulness Amsterdam Oost) 

"I thought it was a good training and certainly as an addition to the physio and yoga I follow mindfulness completes it for me. I liked the setup, meditation exercises and with movement. Saskia is really a very suitable mindfulness trainer" 


Rina (Mindfulness Amstelveen)

"Elisa is a trainer where you feel comfortable right away, which is important in this training. Elisa was good at making me see why you do certain things and makes you aware of your daily actions. Because of this I live more in the now and I enjoy more what I am doing at that moment and I don't run ahead of myself anymore.  And because of this awareness I am calmer in my head and my complaints in my neck and jaws have strongly decreased. After 22 years of pain of which the last years became more and more severe. That was also the main reason why I had signed up for Mindfulness.  After almost every training I felt as light as a feather and all the tension and stress of the previous week had disappeared. So I want to thank Elisa very much for her professional approach and the fact that after almost every mindfulness meeting I came out better and better. So hereby Elisa thanks a lot!"


Chantal (Mindfulness Amsterdam Noord)

"I have learned to react less primarily in difficult situations, instead to judge less and learn to accept. It helps me tremendously to tell myself "that something is allowed to be there." I found that Claire gave the training a lot of depth by regularly asking insightful questions, which makes you reflect and gain more insight about your own thoughts/feelings/actions. At home I was able to practice well with everything we learn in the meetings through the audio guidance and workbook."


Caroline (Mindfulness Amsterdam West)
"In Zohair's classes I experienced what meditation really is and what it can do for you over and over again. Different forms of meditation are made accessible, well applicable and he also brings it in a nice light way, with humor. The workbook gives you interesting theory that you can work with during and after the mindfulness course. In my opinion I received something very valuable that I can always take back to do, to practice." 

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