English Mindfulness training - Marleen ter Avest

I was introduced to mindfulness in 2012, which brought me back in touch with my feelings and underlying needs. This supported me in my choice to switch studies from medicine to psychology. It was a switch from head to heart. I am here to inspire you to start making more conscious decisions and live your life (instead of being led by it), while being of more support to yourself and your loved ones.


The impact that mindfulness has had on my life didn’t stop here. After studying clinical psychology, I was fortunate to pursue a PhD project on the mechanisms of action of mindfulness and compassion in people with depression at the Radboudumc Center for Mindfulness. Parallel to working as a researcher, I followed the 1.5-year postgraduate mindfulness teacher training at the Radboudumc Center for Mindfulness (MBSR/MBCT, cat.1), the compassion teacher training with Frits Koster and Annetje Brunner (MBCL, cat. A), and I started my own practice, Note to Mind, from which I provide mindfulness and compassion trainings and coaching, for both individuals and within education and research settings. In addition to my own practice I also provide mindfulness training for ZoMindful. 


As a teacher, my approach is characterized by equality, curiosity and a playful directness. May we discover and learn together.


If you have any (research) questions or would you like to discuss a specific topic? Feel free to contact me, I'm happy to help.


”De training heeft mij inzicht in mijzelf gegeven; wat wil ik en hoe ik verder wil.  Meer tijd voor mezelf inroosteren is echt van essentieel belang. Het heeft me meer rust gebracht en ik geniet nu met volle aandacht van heel veel kleine dingen en dat was ik echt uit het oog verloren.’‘